How does Teachings work

For psychological help in basic mental health care:

Teachings is for (young) adult clients. You can opt for psychological treatment with a letter of referral from your GP and a DSM diagnosis, which you can claim from the insurer. You can also opt for a COACHING process, which you pay yourself. You can register yourself or be referred by, for example, your general practitioner or company doctor. In the first conversation you explain your problems. Together we will discuss what (you want) to do about your problems.

The starting point of the treatment is the problem as it currently exists. In other words, the focus of treatment is on the here-and-now. The past can be involved in therapy to learn what character traits we consist of and how they color our lives (and our problems).

From there we can start looking at how “the Mind” works, how we can deal more flexibly with the problems with our genetic material and character traits (or as Buddhist psychology says: How we can recognize our suffering and stop it). You can go to therapy individually or with your partner.

In addition to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Teachings specializes in short-term EMDR (single trauma) and Buddhist psychology.

From 2022 Teachings will work LOCATION INDEPENDENT and mainly ONLINE!!