How does Teachings work

Psychological help in basic mental health care:

Teachings is for (young) adult clients. You can opt for psychological treatment with a letter of referral from your GP and a DSM diagnosis, which you can claim from the insurer. You can also opt for a process that you pay yourself (this is outside the doctor and the insurance). You can register yourself or have you referred by, for example, your doctor or company doctor.

Teachings works short -term and generalistic. I look at diagnosis transcending what your challenges are, what you find important and what you want to achieve. In the first conversation you present your problems. Together we will discuss what (you want) can be done about your problems. Every treatment is custom-made. What suits you and what doesn’t? There are also scientific insights about what works and what does not work (in the quality standards for mental health care). We discuss all this together to achieve a plan of action.

The starting point of the treatment is the problem that exists current. In other words, the focus of the treatment is on the here-and-now. The past can be involved in therapy to learn from which character traits we consist of and how they color our lives (and our problems).

Your own strength is central to the treatment. By addressing it, strengthening and teaching you to trust this, we ensure that you can continue independently as quickly as possible. I always try to let the treatment last as short as possible (usually no longer than 12 sessions). However, sometimes a longer treatment is needed, for example when you have several complaints that are interrelated.

We regularly evaluate whether we are on the right track and adjust treatment choices or the treatment time if necessary. Sometimes I can’t help you well enough and then we discuss a reference to more appropriate care.

For good treatment it is important that you also actively start working on yourself. That is why you usually get homework assignments after each session or to prepare at home or to practice.

If possible, I support the treatment as much as possible with e-health: apps and modules that you can use to work via the internet at home, for example.

You can both take therapy both individually and with your partner.

In addition to ACT and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Teachings specializes in short-term EMDR (single trauma) and Buddhist psychology.

From 2022 Teachings will work LOCATION INDEPENDENT and mainly ONLINE!!